Power to Infrastructure

Shanghai parking Lot, Guadalmedina River, Guilin Bridge

The bleak and austere skeletons of our cities, briefly stripped of their functions: opening up a new polarity – of expected and unexpected performances. A river channel is for water, a parking lot is for parking, a bridge is for crossing; and yet, into the cracks, pours in life – not shady unwanted activities, but empowerment of possibilities. Possibilities, born out of the elaborate mesh of city life culture – and far too complex for the contemplation of the passer by; but one thing remains observable – the consistency of access.

Public life feels so much richer when we are able to collectively traverse and transgress, and to experiment with, consciously and unconsciously, the potentials of our city’s spaces.

Part 1: Shanghai, China, Plaza Parking lot

Midnight in Shanghai, a short walk off the tourist crawling Bund, and into the sprawl of city highways and road arteries – a parking lot quietened by the closed Plaza shops is taken over by locals enjoying their evening dance. The music is backed by the hum of the adjacent city traffic, whilst parked motorbikes dot the open space that has become the platform for their evening ritual.

Part 2: Guadalmedina River, Malaga

On most days of the year, the Guadalmedina river in Malaga is dried up, yet in the absence of flowing water, the locals pour in; claiming their territory for the day. Concrete river banks become a stage for competitive rap sing offs, and a string of football games dominate the lower beds: an uncurated performance for the city life that drags on above.

Part 3: Guilin, China, Bridge Pass/Class

The surrounding parks and walkways of Rhongu Lake double as an open gym to the residents of Guilin, but some have found their way into this bridge underside – the door is open, and people of all ages partake

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