We are working on a variety of research projects within Architecture, both locally in Malta and internationally, some of which in collaboration with other independent researchers or institutions.

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Workshop Participation /
Not Yet Decided, EASA Lithuania (2016)
NO IMAGE Workshop, Berlin (2017)
Documenting the Colonial Archive, The Berlage, Delft (2019)
Chalet in Action by Nidum for the Schusev Museum exhibition in Moscow, Public Architecture – Future Europe (2019-2020)

Text Catalogue Events & Workshops /
The Conversation Series, September  2019 / with Box Concept Studio and University of Malta Architecture students.
Housing, Dwelling, Thinking Workshop and Talks, November 2019 / with local Architects and University of Malta Architecture Faculty.

Exhibitions /
FUSE (2020-2021) – coming soon

Guest speakers at /
EASA Apathy, Malta, August 2020

Contributors / Collaborators

MASSA Journal of Architecture

Faculty for the
Built Environment,
University of Malta
+ 2nd Year
architecture students
of 2019-2020

Valentino Architects
Local Office
Box Concept Studio

Miguel Petrovic
Jake Cortis
Daniel Xuereb
Francesca Zammit
Matthew Attard
Andrea Zerafa
John Bajada
Keit Bonnici