Microscopic Power

As we all brace for what would have been an incomprehensible scenario in 2019, let us use the current moment to reflect. In being forced out of our patterns of familiarity, perhaps we could push the present’s moulding tensions towards some semblance of productivity: As Lefebvre puts it in his “Rhythmanalysis”, these deeply precarious moments are equally somewhat “eye-opening, allowing us to finally observe the regulating structures that dominate our lives, reflect on their purpose and question their hold over us” 

“The virus has shown that a lot of us are willing to take drastic action to address a global threat if it’s staring us in the face.” Reminding us to “rethink how we can create, share and engage with people without so much consumption and waste” 

“Leaving aside the serious, often tragic and as yet unpredictable human impact of the virus, this unprecedented disruption of conventional cultural programming puts to bed any notion that we can carry on as if the world isn’t falling apart. Thanks also to the bright, unflattering light that the virus has shone on our society’s creaking social safety net, we can use this pause in regular proceedings to think seriously about the very purpose and value of international creative events and indeed everything we assume to be a vital part of our schedule.”

The Virus Biennale: Shall We Call The Whole Thing Off?